Angular Starter Kits

A starter kit is a living , automated, and interactive checklist.

Having worked many years in aerospace and from my training as an engineer I have learnt that checklists are a simple and effective tool to complete processes, requiring many steps and needing to be applied consistently and in sequence .

Angular-CLI Starter Kit, Developing in TypeScript

  1. Setting up a Windows development environment
  2. Setting up an IDE -Visual Studio Code

1 :   Setting up a Windows development environment

  1. Download and install node and npm
  2. Check installation versions
  3. Install Angular-CLI globally
  4. Create a starter project. Change to the working directory
  5. Serve the application (display in browser): http:// localhost: 4200/
  6. To stop the server ctr + c and at the prompt “Terminate batch job (Y/N)?” type y. You will not be able to continue to open Visual Studio Code or any other commands until the server has terminated. You can also continue without terminating the server by opening another command window in this directory.

2 :   Setting up an IDE – Visual Studio Code

  1. Download and install Visual Studio Code (Free Editor)
  2. View the project in the IDE “code  .” (note space and period)
  3. The project in Visual Studio Code

How to work in VS Code will be a whole other topic to blog about. Stay tuned! 🙂

Online reference:
CLI Quickstart
A command line interface for Angular

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